What makes First Baptist of Chalmette, LA Unique? A Closer Look...


An Unbelievable Congregation Doing the Impossible For the Glory of God! This is our motto. Why? We have watched again and again as God has accomplished impossible things for and through our church. Our building itself is a testimony to God's work and provision post-Katrina. Our congregation is unbelievable, in that all our people come from different backgrounds, cultures, states, and families, yet have become a close-knit family drawn together by a common Savior and common goals. 


Impossible. When we look at culture, religious persecution, Christians being killed around the world, and changing laws within our own country, it seems impossible that the Church can affect much real change. Here at First Baptist of Chalmette, we believe strongly in the responsibility of the church to do everything in our power to achieve change. However, we also realize our feeble inability to do so. With that in mind, we believe just as strongly in the power of God to amplify and intensify our efforts, and make a real impact on the cultural, political, and spiritual climate of our area of Louisiana. We are an active church with an all-powerful God! 

Meet The Team

Dr. John Dee Jeffries, Pastor

Dr. John Dee Jeffries (Genny) have served First Baptist Church for more than 25 years.  In a sense, FBC is two churches rooted in Christ, our one foundation. The pre-hurricane Katrina church operated through a “traditional” ministry strategy.  The post-Katrina church employs the same “traditional” ministries but has developed and deployed a “transitional” ministry strategy that utilizes a series of “transitional” ministries to interface with our transitioning St. Bernard  parish communities.


John has served in numerous denominational positions, most notably, as Vice-President of the Louisiana Baptist Convention and the LBC Pastor Conference. He and Genny co-founded Still Waters: Distinctively Christian Counseling, co-hosted the Still Waters broadcast, and established nearly a dozen counseling affiliate offices across the metro-New Orleans area.


John is the author of “When I Can’t Find God” and “The Last Martyr.”  He is also CEO of Published By Parables LLC, a ministry that publishes Christian books for Christian authors for free.  

Carol Saling, Ministry Assistant

Carol, who has been on staff since 2005, handles many of the details associated with the many ministries of First Baptist Church of Chalmette. Along with the duties of most church secretaries, she directs the food pantry, assists with the daycare, ministers to the church youth, runs projections (and sometimes sound), and countless other tasks. Looking for something? Carol probably knows where it is! Have questions about one of our ministries? Carol can probably answer them! To maintain her sanity, she enjoys baking, and runs her own baking company, R.C. Specialty Cakes.