First Baptist Church Community Development Corps

First Chalmette Community Development Corp




The First Chalmette Community Development Corp (FCCDC) is the transitional ministry arm of First Baptist Church, Chalmette, a 501c3  non-profit corporation.  (501c3 number available upon request).  The FCCDC is noted for its triangle of services: education, economic development, and social services.  



The mission of FCCDC is to bring hope and help to every heart and every home through the development and implementation of faith-based strategies in three areas: education, economic development, and social services..  The triangle of services provided by FCCDC are seen as integral and complementary forms of ministry that serve the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs of…






The Aging

    The Sick and Physically Disabled

    The Developmentally Disabled

    The Addicted and Chemically Dependent




The FCCDC faith-based strategies address a wide range of contemporary issues which include, but are not limited to…



Urban Life

Hunger Needs



Health Care

Family Life

Women's Issues

Child Care

Early Childhood Education



Racial and Ethnic Concerns

Needs of Persons with Disabilities

Refugees and Immigration



Philosophy of Ministry

The FCCDC mission is an extension of the ministry of Jesus Christ that responds to the changing needs of individuals and families of contemporary culture.  


Private entities and governmental agencies provide services primarily through institutionally based models that are guided by and limited by financial constraints. The FCCDC provides a significantly different model of care, rooted in faith-based commitment to compassion for all people, concern for the whole person, and a high ethical standard in related decision making, guided by biblical principles of Christian ministry. 


Jesus taught that God stands with the poor, the afflicted and the disadvantaged by ministering among and standing with “the least of these.” Thus, an essential part of the FCCDC’s commitment is to minister in the arenas of education, economic development, and social services. 


Geographical Area/Demographics

St. Bernard parish is a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana, located adjacent to Orleans parish alongside the southeast portion of Orleans parish.  The parish seat is Chalmette, the largest city in the parish.  


As of 2000, St. Bernard parish had a population of 67,229 residing in approximately 18,000 homes.  As of January, 2012, in the aftermath of a complete displacement of the entire population due to destruction by hurricane Katrina, the returning population estimate has risen to approximately 40,000 living in 12,000 homes.


First Baptist Church, Chalmette


Organizational History

The year was 1949.  The Spirit of God moved.  Men and women responded.  A people assembled and a church came into being.  A work of faith and a labor of love began.  Throughout her history First Baptist Church has been…


Warmed by the sunshine of spiritual blessings

Weathered the storms of spiritual warfare

Ascended the highest heights of glory

Visited the deepest valley of despair


All this and more, much more, occurred as the journey of faith unfolded.  In the midst of this journey, love labored on, seeking faithfully to fulfill the non-negotiable purposes of God.


Historically, First Baptist Church has a double-foundation that rests upon the dual histories of Trinity Baptist Church and Chalmette Baptist church.  On July 18, 1976, Trinity Baptist Church and Chalmette Baptist Church consolidated the two to become the First Baptist Church of Chalmette.


Sometimes, in the midst of our faith journey as a church, things would happen that made us ask, “Why, God?” and all we could do was look to Him in faith – not understanding, just believing.  


The Katrina crisis was one of those times.  The entire population of St. Bernard parish was displaced.  Every building, school, home, business, and church, including First Baptist Church, were destroyed.  More than 4,000 construction volunteers from 404 Christian churches, universities, colleges and high schools located in 44 states and the District of Columbia invested time, energy and expertise in the volunteer construction of our new church building.  


Pastoral Leadership

Dr. John Dee Jeffries was called to serve as Senior Pastor on July 14, 1990.  Under his leadership First Baptist Church was recognized by the Southern Baptist Convention as a “Key Church” in 1995 for either starting or sponsoring several mission churches and ministries.


Dr. Jeffries has served Louisiana Baptist as Vice-President of the Louisiana Baptist Convention; as Vice-President of the Executive Board of the Louisiana Baptist Convention; and, as Vice-President of the Louisiana Baptist Convention’s Pastor’s Conference.  He has also served as a member of the Board of Trustees for Louisiana College.


He has also served as Chaplain, St. Bernard Sheriff’s Department, 2001 – 2006.  Chaplain, St. Bernard Fire Department, 2001 – present; Member, Rotary International, St. Bernard parish, 1993-1995;  Member, Medical Ethics Review Board, Chalmette Medical Centers, Chalmette, Louisiana, 1994-1995.


Launched “Here’s Hope Television Ministries” through First Baptist Church, Chalmette, 1991-1993, broadcasting into major cities throughout Louisiana.  Developed and implemented “Heart Start,” a moral values program for pre-school children attending the weekday preschool of First Baptist Church, Chalmette, 1995.


Organized “Citizens Against Crime,” a St. Bernard Parish Civic Organization, (1994), “Family Values Coalition” (1994); a local chapter of “Christian Educator’s Association International,” (1993); a local chapter of “Concerned Parents for a Moral Community,” (1993).


Substance Abuse & Family Counselor, and Co-Founder, with C. Genevieve Jeffries, of Still Waters: Distinctively Christian Counseling, delivering professional counseling services.  Founder and Executive Director, developing and implementing a therapeutic recovery program for Night Track: Alcohol and Addiction Recovery Systems, headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, 1986-1988, which operated through the CEPHAS Christian Outpatient Psychiatric Network of Greenbrier Psychiatric Hospital, with the primary office located in Covington, and affiliate offices in Jefferson, Kenner, Gretna, and New Orleans, Louisiana.  


Co-Hosted, with C. Genevieve Jeffries, the Still Waters Broadcast on Christian Radio WSHO and WBSN radio, a live telephone call-in Christian counseling ministry reaching southern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and parts of Florida, 1986-1988.  Member, Ministerial Advisory Board, Riverbend Psychiatric Hospital, Metairie, LA, 1987. 


First Baptist Church, Chalmette, LA

Our Church – Our Community


The First Baptist Church of Chalmette is a Southern Baptist Church firmly planted in St. Bernard parish, Louisiana.  St. Bernard parish is experiencing rapid population growth, a changing ethnic and economic demographic and increased, rather than diminished, ministry need. Our ministry and ministry strategies are shaped by two complementary forces:  (1) by the time-honored biblical traditions and values that shaped our past; and, (2) by the ministry needs that are apparent as we transition with our community into the future.


Utilizing these two complementary approaches to ministry enables our church to classify and sub-divide our ministries into two broad categories:  (1) Traditional Ministry Strategies; and, (2) Transitional Ministry Strategies.  We have one primary goal, Transformation, in four areas: individual, family, church, and community (The Transitional Ministry Strategies focus on a providing a triangle of services in three areas of our community: education, economic development, and social services.)  The listings below are partial, not comprehensive, nor conclusive, as new ministries are either being developed or are in the process of being developed and new affiliations and associations are being formed.


Traditional Ministry Strategies


Prayer Ministries

Bible Study Ministries

Discipleship Training

Evangelism Ministries

Senior Adult Ministries

Single Adult Ministries

Family Ministries

Youth Ministries

Children/Preschool Ministries

Men’s Ministries

Women’s Ministries

Video/Sound Tech Teams

Music Ministries


First Chalmette Community Food Pantry

Food For Seniors

Latino Forms Co-Op

Crisis Pregnancy Center

Christian Counseling 

Addiction/Alcoholism Counseling

Weekday Preschool/Daycare

Children’s Before/After Care

Children’s Mentoring Program

Teen Mentoring Program

Christian Exercise Program

Extreme Coupon Classes

GA – Gambler’s Anonymous





Feeding America/2nd Harvest

Walmart Corporation

Bronze Partner -- LA Dept of Family Services

SNAP/LA Chip Application Distribution Site

St. Bernard Department of Community Development

St. Bernard LA Spirit - FEMA

St. Bernard Sheriff’s Department -- Community Services Worker Program

Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home

St. Bernard Pastor’s Coalition 

New Orleans Baptist Association

Louisiana Baptist Convention

Southern Baptist Convention