Prayer & Visitation Teams

You're friendly! You're the sort of person who can strike up a conversation with anyone. Or maybe, you just want to see lost people come to know Christ, and are willing to help! If any of these describe you (and the last one should, if you're a Christian) then we need you to come help us reach the community for Christ! Our visiting teams go and make friends out of the people who have visited our church in the last week, and also go out and tell people about our church, and more importantly, about our Savior!



Maybe you can't do much walking, but that's okay too - we still need your help! If the Yellow Pages motto used to be, "Let your fingers do the walking," then ours is, "Let your knees do the talking!" We need dedicated, persistent prayer warriors to commit to intense seasons of prayer for needs in our church and our community. 


If you are part of our church, we hope that you will be involved in one of the above ministries. Even if it isn't your primary area of ministry here, outreach and prayer are so essential to our ministry at First Baptist, that we hope you'll join us in these efforts. Don't worry - we'll train you and give you the tools you need! Just fill out the short form below, and we'll plug you into the best ministry opportunity of your life!



Thanks for joining our teams! We'll get you plugged in right away!